Bravissimo Inc. was founded by Angela Y. Rice , in 2017. Bravissimo Inc. was founded out of her combined love  and passion for children and theatre arts. This comprehensive and interactive program was created to provide minority students  with the opportunity to have specialized training in fine arts.  

Bravissimo Inc. focuses on the development of the whole student. Developing your students natural talent for the the arts is our key focus.  Private training allows your student to have an in depth and individualized learning experience. Unlike large class settings, your student will receive personal attention and development training in areas such as audition preparation, script interpretation, and character development skills. Our concept is structured with a 3 month and or quarterly  benchmark improvement in mind. Courses are only offered in quarterly intervals. 

 Tools received from Bravissimo Inc., are valuable both on and off stage.  Theatrical training can assist with your students academic endeavors as well. Parents should expect to see improvement in areas such as, reading comprehension, public speaking,  and literary interpretation to name a few. 

Bravissimo Inc. has one over all goal, HAVE FUN! We strive to nurture and foster your students natural love for the arts.  We expose our students to working professional artist and workshops in multiple disciplines of fine arts.  We will take field trips to professional or community based fine arts performances at the end of each quarter. 

Bravissimo Inc. encourages the student to reach for the stars, and we will show them how to get there! Our motto is simple, Excellence is the standard; Diligence is the key!